About Next Level Retina

Retina Specialist located in Oak Brook, IL

Next Level Retina in Oak Brook, Illinois, led by renowned retina specialist Neel Lamba, MD, MBA, offers superior eye care for patients aged 12 and above. 

Driven by a commitment to comprehensive and compassionate medical care, Dr. Lamba recognizes the profound impact vision holds in every aspect of life — physically, functionally, socially, and emotionally. His pledge is to safeguard each patient's vision through meticulous attention and advanced treatment.

At Next Level Retina, Dr. Lamba prioritizes the needs and conditions of each patient, making personalized care paramount. Services encompass a range of specialized treatments, including diabetic eye care and precise eye injections, addressing concerns, such as floaters, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, retinal disease, and retinal vein occlusion.

Dr. Lamba's dedication to patient well-being extends beyond standard practice. Whether performing surgical interventions or providing medical solutions for vitreoretinal disorders, his focus on detail ensures effective outcomes and patient satisfaction.

To schedule an appointment at Next Level Retina, reach out to the friendly staff today!